PM Skincare Ft. ENN Closet

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Given today’s lifestyle, incorporating a proper skincare routine that works best for your skin type should be of prime importance for both men and women. Investing few minutes daily in the morning and at night on your skincare helps deal with skin conditions such as dry and flaky skin, dullness, pigmentation, early signs of aging, acne etc. and also provides healthy-looking, youthful skin that glows from within.

While morning skincare protects your skin from sun damage and pollution through the day, night time skincare rejuvenates and nourishes your skin so that you wake up to fresh-looking skin. But knowing what your skin needs are is not all, you should also be aware of the basic steps to follow in your skincare routine before investing in the right products. So today I’d like to share my night time skincare routine that I had followed in the past using ENN products. ENN is an Indian skincare brand whose products are 100% naturally sourced and free of nasty chemicals. Read on to know how I pamper my skin at night.

Step 1: (Cleansing)

After removing my makeup with a makeup remover, I opt for a cleanser to get rid of any leftover and give my skin a squeaky clean look. For the same, I tried Enn’s Spy-C Foaming Face Wash which is enriched with the goodness of grapefruit and tea tree essential oils.

Priced at Rs. 740/- for 175 ml, the Spy-C foaming face wash comes in a transparent plastic bottle with a black colored pump and a transparent cap. Upon pressing, the pump evenly dispenses white colored foam which lathers well on damp skin. Each time I use this product, I feel so refreshed as if I am letting my skin drink a glass of fresh orange juice because it smells exactly like that.

As for its efficiency, this cleanser does a good job at removing dirt and excess sebum without disrobing the much-needed moisture from the skin. Besides that, it helps in fading acne scars to a certain extent and gives the skin a subtle glow thanks to the presence of Vitamin C in it. But when it comes to clearing blackheads and existing acne, this foaming cleanser does take a while to act upon and doesn’t provide a quick-fix.

Step 2: (Exfoliating)

When it comes to exfoliating my combination-oily skin type which is prone to cystic acne, I prefer using gel based scrubs that are gentle on my skin. Although exfoliating the skin is important to get rid of dead skin cells and blackheads, its never a good idea to over-do it which is why I prefer scrubbing my skin twice in a week. I tried  Enn’s What A Melon Face Scrub which is loaded with the goodness of aloe vera gel, glycerin, orange essential oil and cold-pressed coconut oil.

Priced at Rs. 750/- for 50 grams, this gel based scrub comes in a glass tub packaging that has all the product related information on it. The texture of this collagen boosting scrub is quite gritty, thanks to the presence of rice powder, annatto and watermelon seeds in it which help in gently buffing the skin.

I massage a dime sized amount of this scrub for about 2-3 minutes in circular motion and that makes my skin look firm and unclogs the pores. However, it does tingle around my t-zone for a few seconds post application but nothing to worry as it doesn’t cause any irritation or break out.

Step 3: (Masking)

Applying a face mask after exfoliating the skin is a great idea. It compliments the results achieved through exfoliation and further helps the skin to look clearer and smooth. And when it comes to face masks, Enn’s Closet has an amazing variety to offer. I have tried their Ba-Na-Na-Nah mask in the past and quite liked it. So this time around I picked up their Litt Up Insta Glow Mask which is made with the finest quality traditional Indian super-foods such as– turmeric, fullers earth, sandalwood, rose petals, Aloe Vera gel and yogurt.

Housed in a sturdy, matte black plastic tub packaging, this Litt Up mask is like an Indian Ubtan with the goodness of amazing natural ingredients to detoxify the skin and leave it supple. Even with a gritty texture and thicker consistency, this masks spreads evenly on the skin without causing any trouble. And once it has dried (after almost 10 minutes), it is better to remove this mask using lukewarm water first and then splash some cold water. At the end, it leaves your skin feeling softer, cleaner and well nourished.

On the downside, I am not too pleased with its claim to lighten the skin color. Also it is a bit expensive at Rs. 850/- for 100 gms especially when it is supposed to be used within three months after opening.

Step 4: (Toning)

In order to shrink the pores that open up due to all the cleaning through scrub and mask, it’s required to tone up the skin. A toner helps in restoring the pH balance of the skin along with providing a base for your moisturizer to absorb better. I like using a facial mist at night as it is more convenient to use. Just few sprays and you’re done.

Enn’s Recovery Eucalyptus & Tea Tree Facial Mist has naturally distilled rose water infused with eucalyptus and tea tree essential oils to heal and soothe the skin overnight. It comes in a travel friendly, pump packaging which is good enough to evenly spray the mist all over the face and works well as a relaxing toner right before you sleep.

I don’t have anything against this product other than its price point which is Rs. 650/- for 100 ml.

Step 5: (Moisturizing)

Providing adequate moisture to your skin is necessary irrespective of your skin type. So read the labels on your products correctly and go for the ones that best suit your skin needs. Like if you’ve oily skin, go for non comedogenic, water based and lightweight moisturizers that are fast absorbing and won’t leave your skin feeling greasy. As for dry skin, you can always go for rich textured, cream based moisturizers that has hyaluronic acid or glycerin to hydrate the skin.

To replenish my skin at night and give it adequate nourishment, I opted for Enn’s Cherry Blossom Face Cream which is enveloped with the goodness of cherry blossom extracts and Shea butter. It is a soft pink colored face cream that comes in a glass tub packaging. The texture of this cream is lightweight that melts into the skin easily within seconds without making it feel oily/greasy.

A pea sized amount of the Cherry Blossom cream is sufficient to hydrate the entire face and neck which is why a jar of 50 gms for Rs. 550/- lasts easily for a couple of months. I absolutely loved using this cream as it smells amazing (cherry blossom scented) and deeply moisturizes my skin without causing any breakouts.

Overall, I really enjoyed using Enn products that are blended with 100% vegan, natural ingredients to provide youthful skin. Also these well packaged products are easily available online at Enn’s website and Nykaa.

Is there any other Indian skincare brand that you’d like me to review? Share your suggestions in the comments section below.

Until next time, stay beautiful! ❤

3 Step Makeup Removal Ft. The Face Shop

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Taking off our makeup at the end of a tiring day is the last thing one would like to do. Often, we neglect the harsh impact of sleeping with our makeup on and give in to the urge of dozing off without realizing the after-effects. In my opinion, makeup removing should be an essential part of our skincare and it is high-time that we realize that. I can’t stress enough on how good it is to let your skin breathe and avoid issues such as congested skin, clogged pores, fine lines, blackheads, acne etc.

And mind you, makeup removing wipes ain’t enough. While they may work as a first step to remove our makeup from the surface area, it is necessary to deep clean the skin with a cleanser later on.

If you don’t know already, my skin benefited a lot after adapting Korean inspired skincare routine using The Face Shop products, which I have written about here. That encouraged me to try more of this brand which is why I thought about incorporating their Rice Water Bright range in my 3 Step makeup removal routine.


About The Range:

Rice Water Bright is a cleansing line enriched with rice water that contains vitamins A, B and E, minerals and ceramide to brighten and nourish the skin. Its natural ingredients remove impurities while leaving skin soft, supple and tone.

So read on as I share my experience with this range, step-by step. 🙂


Step 1:

To begin with, I always like to take off the makeup on my eyes and lips especially the waterproof mascara and long-lasting (matte) lipstick. For that, I’ve been using the Rice Water Bright Lip & Eye Makeup Remover.


This remover is packed in a sober, handy plastic bottle with a black screw-cap and all the product related information mentioned at the back. There’s a stopper placed on the mouth of the bottle with a hole that keeps a check on product flow. Thank god, for this packaging by The Face Shop which doesn’t leak and is convenient to travel with.
Coming to its consistency, it is a bi-phased solution which has a milky layer on top and watery on bottom. A small amount of this solution (after it has been shaken well) on a cotton pad works perfectly to remove the heavy-duty eye makeup and matte liquid lipstick without much fuss. It sure takes a little extra time in removing waterproof mascaras but the results are pretty satisfactory. It doesn’t sting my eyes or feel greasy. In fact, I did use it on my entire face for fuller utilization of the product and it didn’t irritate my skin or break me out. So I can say that this mildly scented eye & lip makeup remover is a good option for all skin types since it doesn’t feel greasy or dries out the skin but efficiently does its job.

Step 2:

Now coming on to the face, I prefer using micellar water or mild cleansing agents to get rid of my base makeup. For that, I added the Rice Water Bright Cleansing Water in my makeup removal regime.


Packed in a sturdy plastic bottle, this cleansing water comes with a pump dispenser which is pretty much a pain to use in my opinion. I say so because the pump dispenses out the product unevenly which leads to a lot of wastage. I’ve faced similar issue while using the Rice Bran All-In-One Cleanser so its pretty much relatable. Hope that the brand improves its packaging since the actual product is really good to pass off.

Talking about the product, it almost feels like scented, milky-water that removes impurities from the surface of the face without irritating the skin. I like pouring it on a cotton swab and then lightly pressing it down on my skin to get rid of my foundation, concealer, blush etc. Even when I have no makeup on, I like to use it just to clean my skin and it does remove all the dirt without feeling dry or sticky. I’ve completely used a bottle of this one and with my experience I can say that it is safe to use on a regular basis as it doesn’t cause any break out or allergies even when it has some alcohol content in it. However, it is a bit of an issue to remove waterproof mascara easily with the help of this one but other than that it works well.

Step 3:

Heading on to the last step I follow, it has to be about using a face wash to deep clean my skin. There’s no way I can sleep without washing my face irrespective of what I’ve used prior to that. That is exactly why I chose to use the Rice Water Bright Foaming Cleanser from the same range.


It was my first time using a foaming cleanser and I had my doubts since my skin is combination/oily and prone to break outs. To my surprise, this creamy (mousse-like) cleanser with almost a pearly appearance did tighten my pores and cleansed my skin pretty well. And guess what? No acne till date and I’m almost done with using this one. Hurray!

Housed in a travel-friendly, light pink tube packaging with a black flip cap, this subtly scented cleanser lathers well and removes impurities from the skin effectively without making it dry. It didn’t moisturize or brighten my skin which the brand claims that it does but it made my skin soft and smooth besides cleansing it well. And that is exactly what I wanted it to do.


All of these products are dermatologically tested and priced at Rs. 590 each. I’d suggest you to avail them during sale on Nykaa for best deals. (Y)

Overall, this Rice Water Bright range is pretty impressive in terms of quality for the price paid. And if I’ve to pick one product out of these three then it’d be the cleansing water and I might repurchase it if the brand improves its packaging. 😀

Have you tried any of these products? Do you’ve a makeup removal regime? Let me know in the comments section down below. I’d love to hear from you.

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The Body Shop Spa Of The World Japanese Camellia Cream Review

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Don’t you think sale time is the best time to own what’s on our wishlist? And with brands like The Body Shop that keep running attractive offers on their website, it gets difficult to resist. So ever since they launched new products in their Spa Of The World range, I was enticed to try it all out especially the Japanese Camellia Cream which I am going to write about today.


About Spa Of The World Range:

Knowing the importance of “me-time”, The Body Shop has created a luxurious Spa Of The World range which includes bath milk, creams, massage oils and exfoliants to bring that spa-like experience directly into your home! This range is nothing short of a relaxing, revitalizing and a blissful ritual to choose from.

Product Description:

A delicately scented body cream, with the goodness of Camellia oil from Japan to moisturize the skin and make it appear velvety soft.





The cream comes housed in a sturdy huge plastic tub that has got a matte black screw lid on the top. Since its packaging is bulky, it can’t come under the travel-friendly category. But you can always extract out some of the product in a smaller container if you wish to travel with this one.

Quantity & Price: 

It retails at Rs. 2,795 for 350 ml. (I got it on 30% off)

My Experience:

The Body Shop Spa Of The World Japanese Camellia Cream has a rich, velvety texture which works perfectly in this winter time. The cream spreads evenly and sinks into the skin instantly if used soon after taking a bath. That is exactly how one should be using body moisturizers/creams in my opinion as it is this time when your body absorbs the moisture better and lets it enter deep into the skin. Having said that, what I love the most about this cream is its fragrance. It has got that aromatic floral scent with some fruity under-notes which feels heavenly and lingers on the body for about 12 hours post application making you feel fresh.

As for the hydration bit, it isn’t a heavy duty cream so it provides decent moisturisation to the skin but at the price it comes for, I expected it to last for long which it fails to do.
But the good part is that it doesn’t make my skin feel greasy rather softer and nourished.

Undoubtedly it is an expensive product, but if you’d like to indulge in that spa-like experience at home and are a TBS fan then you can definitely give this one a try as it does what it claims.

Did this review help you? Let me know in the comments section below.

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Spa Ceylon Forest Trail Body Scrub Review

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The change in weather conditions often lead to rough and dry skin on our body. And while we pay undue attention to scrubbing our face, we tend to miss out on our body. But isn’t it essential to get rid of the dead skin on our body that hides under the clothes?

If you don’t know already, body exfoliation helps in extracting out ingrown hair which eases out the hair-removal/waxing process. Moreover, the circular motions used while scrubbing the body helps in blood circulation besides removing dead skin cells. So grab a tube/jar of a body scrub and start exfoliating your body once a week to achieve smoother and healthy skin.

And while we speak of body polishing, it makes sense to dedicate this blog post in reviewing a body scrub that’s done a lot of good for my skin. Hence, I present to you the review of Spa Ceylon’s Forest Trail Body Scrub.

About the brand:

Spa Ceylon is a modern Ayurveda beauty care brand from Sri Lanka that produces high performance, environmental friendly products to hydrate, treat, purify and soothe your body, mind and soul. These products are formulated with the finest natural ingredients that are organically grown without being tested on animals.

Product Claims:

A creamy formula enriched with exfoliating herbs & fragrant essential oils inspired by the forest habitat of the Majestic Ceylon Elephant. Organic Lemongrass, Eucalyptus & Patchouli help take away stress. Pure Peppermint cools hands & body while Spearmint promotes a sense of joy. Cedarwood, Vetiver & Cardamom help uplift, refresh & invigorate. Deep-acting Margosa, Indian Gooseberry & Walnut combine to help purify skin, clearing clogged pores, removing toxins & dead cells. Virgin Coconut & Honey gently renew skin, improving overall health.



The scrub is housed in a simple tub packaging that is foiled at the top to avoid spillage.


Before bath, apply lightly all over body. Leave for 5 mins. Wet skin with milk, massage in circular motions for 5 mins & wash off. 

My Experience:

As soon as I open up the tub of Spa Ceylon’s Forest Trail body scrub, its calming, woody scent blows my mind away. It definitely makes me feel like I’ve entered a forest full of ayurvedic elements. It has that fresh fragrance which lingers on the body even after I’ve stepped out of my shower. So while the deep cleansing particles in this cream based scrub detoxify and polish the skin, its earthy aroma and natural formulation makes one feel close to nature.

I tried using this rich textured, muddy brown colored body scrub in three ways and it worked beautifully every time. Right from using it as directed by the brand (mentioned above) to using two tablespoons of it over wet or dry skin to mixing it in raw milk and rose water, I’ve done it all. And to my surprise, it worked amazingly well each time in providing me with softer, smoother skin.

However, it does feel a little abrasive so I tend to use it in circular motions all over the body with less pressure. And the mess my bathroom floor witnesses after rinsing this one off is a different story altogether. *warning*

I purchased it last year from Nykaa at Rs. 1399 but now its available at Rs. 1050 for 225g, on Amazon and Flipkart. The price, in my opinion, is justified for the quality you get so I won’t consider this one as expensive. Also, 10% of the proceeds from the sale of this product goes into Elephant conservation initiatives by the brand in Sri Lanka. So in a way you’re helping the environment while giving yourself a luxurious treat.


Overall, this 100% vegan and paraben free scrub is a great product which I see working for both men and women when it comes to having a spa-like experience at home. It cleanses, purifies, exfoliates, hydrates and helps reveal a brand new skin. What more do you want?

Have you tried any of the Spa Ceylon products? Share your experience in the comments section below.

Until next time, stay beautiful! ❤

Plum Green Tea Face Wash and Toner Review

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Green Tea, as we all know, is a powerhouse of antioxidants. Thanks to its ability to fight against bacteria and control excess sebum production, Green Tea acts as a wonder ingredient in skincare for people with oily/acne prone skin. Knowing the benefits of Green Tea for my skin, I thought of trying Plum’s Green Tea Pore Cleansing Face Wash and Alcohol-Free Toner, both having organic Green Tea as their main ingredient. 🙂
Read on to know my experience with these products.

About the brand:

is India’s first online-only beauty brand that has formulated a range of products using organic green tea extracts and glycolic acid in non-comedogenic formulas to help keep your skin clear, healthy and optimally hydrated. These products are 100% vegan and cruelty-free and are free of Parabens, Phthalates, Propylene Glycol, SLS, DEA & PABA.

Plum Green Tea Pore Cleansing Face Wash:

The Plum Green Tea Face Wash consists of natural exfoliating cellulose beads and glycolic acid that helps unclog pores and buff away dead skin. Thanks to the presence of organic green tea extracts, this face wash helps stop the acne formation process in its tracks.


Housed in a travel-friendly tube packaging, this pale green colored facial cleanser is ideal for combination-oily, acne prone skin type as it is gel based and non-drying. A pea size amount of this refreshing face wash is enough to thoroughly clean the entire face and neck as it lathers decently and exfoliates mildly. When it comes to removing makeup, this one is a  disappointment but otherwise it is great to combat oiliness for good 4-5 hours besides un-clogging pores and keeping a track of pimples. Please note that this cleanser doesn’t completely stop acne from reoccurring, it only helps keep a check on them. It is priced at Rs. 345!

Plum Green Tea Alcohol-Free Toner:

The Plum Green Tea Toner is an alcohol-free toner which is rich in green tea extracts, glycerine and glycolic acid that clears and renews the skin besides dealing with enlarged pores.

Priced at Rs. 390, the Plum Green Tea Alcohol Free Toner comes in a white opaque bottle with press-open cap. The packaging is quite sturdy with all the necessary information mentioned on the bottle itself.

Just 3-4 drops of this toner at a time on a cotton round is enough to swipe the entire face. Upon application, the skin doesn’t feel sticky or greasy but squeaky clean. Since it is 100% alcohol free, it doesn’t dry out the skin but keeps excess oil at bay for good 4-5 hours. The only drawback for me is the fact that it didn’t do much when it comes to blemishes and existing acne. If you’re looking for a regular, no-fuss toner that clarifies the skin and is non-comedogenic, then you can give this a try.

Overall, these products are pretty good to manage oily skin on a regular basis and are easily available online at Plum and Nykaa.

Have you tried any of the Plum products? Share your experience with me in the comments section down below.

Until next time, stay beautiful! ❤

Winter Beauty Essentials!

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Come winters and we are ready to face the chilly winds, indoor heating and hot water baths which takes a toll on our skin, leaving it rough and dry. With the dropping temperature, it is time to change our skincare needs. So here’s a list of 10 Beauty Essentials that are required to sail smoothly through the winter season.

1. Sunscreen:

Yes, you heard me right! Sunscreen is an essential irrespective of what season it is. Do your skin a favor by protecting it from the harmful sun rays year round without any failure. I’m currently loving The Face Shop Natural Sun Eco Sebum Control Hydrating Sun cream as it doesn’t feel greasy and gets absorbed easily besides having SPF 40.

2. Facial Oil:

It’s time to provide extra nourishment to the facial skin! Adding a facial oil in your skincare regime helps replenish the skin along with providing a radiant complexion. Often, people who have oily skin shy away from trying oils on their skin. Don’t be intimidated. Choose a blend that best suits your skin needs and you’ll be amazed to see the results. The best time to use a facial oil however, is at night. Massage a few drops of the facial oil before going to bed and not only will it nourish the skin but also provide a sound sleep.
Products like Kama Ayurveda’s Kumkumadi Miraculous Beauty Fluid, Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate, Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Skin Therapy Oil etc. are some of the best selling options to choose from.


3. Shower Cream/Cleansing Butter:

Time to say goodbye to those shower gels! The skin benefits more with the use of shower creams or butters when it comes to taking hot water baths in winters. The rich and creamy consistency of these shower washes helps shoo away dryness besides providing adequate moisture to the skin. And with products like Nivea Creme Care Shower Cream, Plum’s Vanilla & Fig The Rich Shake Body Wash, Forest Essentials Cleansing Shower Butter NargisThe Body Shop’s Shea Shower Cream etc. you are sure to get smoother looking skin.


4. Body Scrub:

That dry, flaky skin needs to be scrubbed off! Make sure to let those body parts that are mostly hidden under the sweaters and track pants during winters feel their best in this season. A body scrub, in my opinion is an absolute wonder product when it comes to buffing away dead skin. Not just that, it also helps improve blood circulation and allows your moisturizer to sink in deeply. So invest in a cream/oil based scrub that has coarse particles like the Spa Ceylon Forest Trail Body Scrub, Natio Wellness Body Scrub, Forest Essentials Body Polisher Sandalwood & Turmeric etc. and kick start your luxurious exfoliating routine.


5. Body Butter/Oil:

Listen to what your body demands! Inject some much needed moisture in your body by using body butters or oils in winters to soothe your parched skin. In case you are not ready to give up on your favorite body lotion, try mixing a few drops of cold-pressed coconut oil or olive oil in your body lotion and then use it on damp skin. Whatever you choose, don’t forget to keep your skin hydrated and with products like Pure Sense Deep Moisturising Body OilForest Essentials Velvet Silk Body Cream Cocoa Butter and The Body Shop’s Body Butters it becomes much easier.


6. Dry Shampoo:

It’s a blessing in a bottle! One that helps to extend the time between hair washes. What more can you ask for in winters? But make sure to brush your hair after applying dry shampoo and not over use it. You can have one for yourself from Nykaa.


7. Natural Oils:

Oil champis? Yes please! It is best to go natural when it comes to treating hair related issues in the colder months. Massage your hair at least once a week with some natural oils like coconut oil, olive oil, sweet almond oil, jojoba oil etc. to deep condition your scalp and keep it moisturized.


8. Hair Mask:

Infuse your hair with nutrients! It is a good idea to add a nourishing hair treatment mask once a week in your hair care routine in winters to maintain the health of your hair and keep a check on the dry/itchy scalp and trouble-some split ends. You can try the Forest Essentials Intensive Hair Repair Masque Japapatti & Brahmi  or Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repair Masque to improve the health of your hair.


9. Vaseline:

Petroleum jelly to our rescue! Right from being a natural highlighter to protecting chapped lips to fixing cracked heels to removing stubborn makeup to moisturizing dry hands, dear Vaseline can do it all. And the best part is that it’s inexpensive. 🙂


10. Water:

Save yourself from winter dehydration! It is important to have enough water during winters to stay hydrated and beautiful. Keep sipping some every now and then or may be shift to slightly warm water. You can even increase the intake of warm beverages like green tea, soup or simply have flavored water (basil leaves infused). Whatever you choose to do, remember the health benefits of having enough water in winters.


So, sit back to enjoy a cup of hot chocolate or dig into a hearty winter special meal but don’t forget to exercise and be healthy!

Also, feel free to connect with me in the comments section down below with your suggestions and feedback.

Until next time, stay beautiful! ❤


Korean Inspired Skincare Ft. The Face Shop!

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Have you always admired the gorgeous looking skin Koreans have? From sheet masks to serums to essences, Korean beauty trends have been the talk of the town and Korean brands like The Face shop, Innisfree etc. are now making it big in the Indian beauty market. And that’s what gave birth to this post which is all about K Beauty inspired skincare that I’ve been following using The Face Shop products since past two months to get that radiant looking skin.

The Face shop is a Korean brand which uses finest ingredients from nature to develop products that target specific skin needs. These high quality products are dermatologically tested and formulated without parabens, mineral oil or any animal-source ingredients.


I believe that your skincare is super personal and requires the right understanding of what works for the betterment of your skin and then adapting it as a CTM (Cleansing-Toning-Moisturizing) routine. While the Koreans follow a 10-step unique skincare regimen, for me even a 5-step regimen did well. And that’s my point. Instead of focusing on the number of steps, focus on the right steps that work for your skin type. 🙂
Read on as I take you through my Korean skin-care routine, step by step.

STEP 1:-
While double cleansing makes sense when you’ve makeup on, on regular days its okay to just use a foaming cleanser that gets rid of all the dirt and impurities and makes your skin clean and fresh. I have been using The Face Shop Rice Bran All-in-One Cleanser from the Rice Water Bright range as the first step of my Korean skincare regimen. This cleanser contains Rice Bran, a favorite ingredient among the Koreans, which has moisture absorbing and brightening properties.

A pea size amount of The Face Shop Rice Bran All-in-One Cleanser is enough to clean the entire face as it lathers well. It has got tiny particles, thanks to the presence of rice bran, rice, almond, apricot and red bean grains that provides mild exfoliation without being harsh. Besides, it decently removes makeup but needs extra effort when it comes to getting rid of waterproof mascara or eyeliner. The only con is, it’s packaging. Although its safe to travel with since its housed in a plastic bottle. It’s the pump dispenser that’s a little tight and doesn’t dispense the liquid correctly. So every time I’ve to open the bottle to take out the required amount which is irritating but the product is so so good that I don’t mind taking extra efforts for using it. A 145 ml bottle of this All-in-One Cleanser retails in India for Rs. 690/- and lasts for about three months.

STEP 2:-
Koreans advice using a toner for seven times at one go since they consider it as a crucial part of skincare and one that hydrates and preps the skin. Forget using a toner for seven times, we Indians have been skipping this step for the longest, considering it as not-so-important. Until recently even I wasn’t really into toning my skin but ever since I’ve realized its importance, I’ve made it a constant part of my skincare regimen. For this step, I’ve been using The Face Shop White Seed Brightening Toner from the White Seed range. This toner contains brightening ingredients such as White Lupin Seed and White Daisy Flower extract that helps in reducing dullness while keeping the skin bright and clear.

True to what it claims, this sweetly scented toner provides adequate moisture to the skin while brightening it up. It’s got a milky consistency which seeps into the skin in no time without being sticky. I prefer dabbing it on to my skin instead of using a cotton pad to enhance its effectiveness. It evens out the skin along with hydrating it nicely. Packed in a 145 ml sturdy plastic bottle that has a pump dispenser with its cover, this magic potion retails for Rs. 1690/- in India.


STEP 3:-
Instead of using an essence or a serum or an eye cream, I opted for The Face Shop Jeju Aloe Fresh Soothing Gel which is formulated without five additives i.e, parabens, benzophenone, animal-derived ingredients, mineral oil and artificial coloring.
Made with 99% Aloe Vera Leaf Extract and nine other ingredients extracted from natural plants, this gel is great in soothing acne-prone skin. It gets easily absorbed into the skin without leaving any sticky residue behind. Besides treating irritated skin, this works as an after-sun care as well. So if you are pressed on time, using this multipurpose gel in place of a serum or an eye cream is a safe bet at Rs. 390/-.

STEP 4:-
For this step, I prefer using a sunscreen alongside the Jeju Aloe Fresh Soothing Gel during the daytime when I’ve to step out otherwise I fall upon The Face Shop Chia Seed No Shine Intense Hydrating Cream which is formulated with hydrating Chia Seed extracts and mattifying Cotton Seed extracts.

It’s non-greasy with a gel-creme kind of texture that doesn’t feel heavy on the skin. Besides smelling good, this light weight cream takes care of excess sebum yet hydrates like a pro. I am on my second tub and so far it hasn’t broken me out. In fact it changes my foundation game whenever I apply it beneath makeup as a moisturizing primer. Suitable for all skin types, this cream comes in a bulky glass tub packaging along with a spatula at a price point of Rs. 1990/- for 50 ml.


STEP 5:-
Lastly it comes down to Sheet Masks that are considered as the soul of Korean skincare and an everyday essential. These facial masks are basically light-as-air fiber sheets containing concentrated serum/essence that targets particular skin issue. And when it comes to these skin treats, The Face Shop has a variety of options to choose from depending on your skin concern. While Koreans suggest using one sheet mask daily, it depends on personal skin needs. I usually use a sheet mask as a sleeping mask, twice in a week for 10-15 mins. These masks are not heavy, yet they hydrate and nourish the skin. Make sure to not wash your face after taking off the mask. Instead pat the remaining serum on your face and doze off.

In India, The Face Shop Real Nature Sheet Masks retail for Rs. 100 each while The Solution Sheet Masks retail for Rs. 150 each.

Overall, these products have changed my skincare game by giving an altogether new life to my skin. My acne scars look lighter, skin looks radiant and speaks for itself.
That’s exactly what Korean skincare is all about. It’s for healthy and pampered skin that can only be achieved by nurturing your skin with good care.

You can avail these products online at special offers on!

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Beat the heat!

Hey There!

Summers are here and I am sure you can’t resist complaining about the snobbish sun. As much as we need the sunlight, we hate the hot weather which does a lot of harm to our skin and health if proper care is not taken. To help you not crib, I am jotting down 10 summer essentials that you will need to survive this harsh weather. 🙂

  1. Sunscreen: This one has to top the list. Using a sunscreen is the best you can do for your skin. Make sure it has got a minimum Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of 30 and protects from both UVA and UVB rays. You can choose the consistency of the sunscreen as per your skin type. If you’ve got combination/oily skin then go for an emulsion, lotion or gel base like Neutrogena, Aroma MagicLórealAvene, Suncros etc. that doesn’t feel sticky/greasy and gets absorbed easily. But if you’ve dry skin then opt for creams like Lotus Herbals, The Face Shop etc. that moisturizes your skin along with protecting it from the harmful sun rays. Do consider re-applying every 2-3 hours and let that unwanted tan stay at bay.


  2. Deodorant/ Body Mist: People with bad body odor are a big turn offs. Trust me! This weather is such that it makes you sweat and sweat a lot. Hence, I urge you to smell good all through the day. You can opt for a deodorant/roll-on from Nivea, Dove or Natio or body mist from Forest Essentials or The Body Shop to help you stay fresh and smell good.


  3. Face Mist: Yes its necessary to keep a facial tonic handy in summers. Whenever you feel your skin is looking dull and tired, spritz some of it on your face. It instantly refreshes you and lets your skin feel happy. In my opinion, Facial Mists from brands like Innisfree, Kama Ayurveda and Forest Essentials serve the purpose really well. You may also opt for Thermal Spring water from Vichy, Avene or La Roche-Posay in case you’ve got sensitive skin.


  4. Dry Shampoo: Whoever invented this amazing product, take a bow! Dust, humidity and sweat makes your scalp oily (Don’t forget the dirt). Washing your hair daily isn’t good for the health of your scalp. So the best way to deal with this is to spray some dry shampoo section wise on your scalp and massage it gently whenever you are in a hurry and don’t wish to wash off your hair. Give your unwashed hair a fresh look with Dry Shampoos from Batiste, BBlunt and Wella Professionals.


  5. Body Lotion: It’s time to ditch those extra hydrating body butters. Make way for a bottle of body lotion on your stash. It hydrates your skin enough to not feel dry yet doesn’t feel greasy. And its’a bonus for your skin if it includes some SPF. 😀 Brands like Avene, Nivea, Lotus Herbals etc. are all great options to choose from.
  6.  Comfort wear: Make sure to wear clothes that are made of light fabrics like Cotton, Linen, Rayon etc so that your skin can breathe. Opt for flow-y fits rather than figure hugging ones. Besides, prefer footwear that’s easy to slip into because this weather demands comfort over anything else.
  7. Scarf: Don’t let your hair go through tough times in this scorching heat. Keep them covered with a scarf. This does the job of protecting your hair from the sun without sacrificing your style quotient.


  8. Lip Balm: After all the drama your lips witness, thanks to those matte lipsticks, they need equal care to stay soft and healthy. For the same, be kind enough to exfoliate your lips and keep them moisturized using a lip butter/balm. It would be great if you use a lip balm like Neutrogena, Avene, Sebamed etc. that has got sun protection to avoid pigmentation on your lips. You can check lip scrubs by Juicy Chemistry or M.A.C or make one by yourself at home by mixing brown sugar and honey.
  9. Sunglasses: Sunglasses ain’t just a fashion accessory that makes you look hot and get perfect selfies but are of great help when it comes to protecting your eyes from the sun. Dare you forget them when stepping out in the sun!


  10. Water: Staying hydrated in this hot and humid weather is the best you can do for yourself. Keep a bottle of water with you throughout the day. In case you don’t like having water in its natural form, try adding a slice of lemon, orange or cucumber in your water bottle and keep sipping from that every now and then. This will not only add flavor but also infuse vitamins in your water. You can also opt for coconut water early in the day.


    So, head out to explore new cafes around your city, wear those hot pants and crop tops and don’t forget to enjoy the juicy side of summers without worrying about the naughty sun. 😀

    Did I miss on anything? Feel free to connect with me in the comments section down below. I would love to hear from you. 🙂

    Until next time, stay beautiful! ❤

The Body Shop Camomile Waterproof Eye & Lip Makeup Remover Review

Hey There!

Makeup is an art and we girls love being an artist in our own fun way. Isn’t it? 😉 And as much as we like experimenting with makeup, removing it at the end of a tiring day is a task. It gets really difficult to part ways from all the waterproof and transfer-proof drama we created on our eyes and lips. In the end, all we wish for is that one product to sort us up. For the same, I’d like to dedicate this post to one such makeup remover which does a good job in removing waterproof makeup with less efforts. Read on as I review The Body Shop Camomile Waterproof Eye and Lip Makeup Remover for all you beauties out there.


Brand Claims:-

This clever and super effective make-up remover containing community trade camomile has an ingenious dual-phase formula which easily lifts away the most stubborn waterproof and smudge proof eye and lip make up.

The Community Fair Trade camomile oil comes from Norfolk Essential Oils, a family-run co-operative in England. It is made with freshly cut flowers, steam-pressed and cooled to produce essential oil. The trade provides the farmers with a reliable income, and has helped to revitalize the local economy.

Directions to use:-

Shake well to activate solution. Sweep over eyes/lips with a cotton pad to efficiently remove all traces of make-up.

Price & Quantity:-

The product contains 160 ml solution and retails for Rs. 895/- :O


Earlier it used to come in a cylindrical bottle with a flip open cap. But The Body Shop has recently changed the packaging of almost all of their products including this one. So now it comes in a transparent, fancy shaped (I couldn’t explain the shape any better :|), sturdy plastic bottle which has a stopper with a small opening to dispense the required amount of product. There is no chance of leakage as the cap shuts tightly which makes it safe to travel with. Besides that, all the product related information is mentioned at the back of the product. 😀



My Experience:- 

The Body Shop Camomile Waterproof Eye and Lip Makeup Remover is a bi-phased make up remover i.e it has got two different layers of oil and water which when mixed together work effortlessly at removing waterproof makeup. So before pouring some product on a cotton pad, I make sure to shake the bottle well. After that, I press the cotton pad on my eyes/lips for 5-10 seconds and then glide it gently without tugging or stretching the skin.


In the swatches, I have applied M.A.C Pro Longwear Concealer (NC45), Colourpop Lippie Stix ( I ❤ This)NYX Cosmetics Slim Lip Pencil (Fuschia)Plum Kajal (Black)NYX Cosmetics Matte Liquid Liner and Colourpop Super Shock Shadow (Luckfully) ( L-R)

Just 2-3 swipes of this clear solution works effectively at removing all of the heavy-duty makeup without leaving any greasy residue behind. In fact, it does not sting my eyes or cause any irritation (not even on the waterline) while removing waterproof mascara. I can say that it is safe to use on sensitive skin as it didn’t break me out even when I used it all over my face to remove my base makeup without following up with a face cleanser (usually I do).


To sum up, I’d say that this makeup remover efficiently gets rid of waterproof makeup without feeling greasy/oily and can be used by all skin types. Besides that, its alcohol & fragrance-free and lasts for a long time since you don’t need much of it at one go. Yay!!

You can buy this product online at The Body Shop or Nykaa and avail lucrative discounts! 😀

Have you tried it? Share your experience in the comments section down below. I’d love to hear from you.

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Forest Essentials Light Day Lotion Lavender & Neroli Review

Hey there!

Are you one of those who do not like layering up too many products when it comes to skincare? If yes, then you’d be delighted to read this post. 😉

Sometime back I was on a look out for a face moisturizer to suit my acne-prone, combination-oily skin type, that’s when I visited the Forest Essentials store in Pacific Mall, Delhi. The sales assistant recommended me their Light Day Lotion Madurai Jasmine & Mogra but I refused to try that since I was already using their Night Treatment Cream Jasmine & Patchouli. I am one of those who’d like to experience variety and gets bored of a fragrance after using it for a while. She then asked me to try the Lavender & Neroli variant. As soon as I tried this one, I knew its coming home with me. Read on to know more.


Brand Claims:-

This Light Day Lotion is a silky light weight lotion that steeps into the skin easily leaving it soft and smooth with a non-greasy feel. It has an SPF 25 due to Yasada Bhasma, which is a natural sunscreen and an herb infused derivative offering long-lasting protection from the harsh rays of the sun leaving skin supple, toned and fresh.

Pure Lavender water, which is therapeutic and calming, nourishing Oat kernel extract and stimulating Neroli oil combined with zinc, known for its healing and regenerative qualities, to firm and clarify the skin.

It also contains Ayurvedic herbs like Ashwagandha and Gokharu along with Almond, Wheat germ and Olive oils, which not only provide nourishment but also prevent the skin from the damaging effect of free radicals.

Directions to use:-

After cleansing and toning, take a small amount and massage gently using upwards strokes on face and neck with fingertips.

Price & Quantity:-

The product contains 40 ml lotion and retails for Rs. 1,750/- 😮


The product comes in a luxurious golden bottle with a pump dispenser which is spill-proof and safe to travel with. Besides that, all the product related information (Ingredients, Mfg. date etc) is mentioned on the bottle itself.



My Experience:-

Now that I have used this lotion completely, I am in a better state to comment about its efficiency. This one has got non-runny yet light weight consistency which is apt for combination-oily skin type. It glides on the skin comfortably and gets absorbed minutes after application without feeling greasy which is great for combination/oily skin. It hydrates well and doesn’t cause any break outs. The mild lavender fragrance of this lotion is super soothing and least bothersome. In addition, it has got SPF 25 which is a bonus for people like me who prefer one product to do everything. ( Lazy bums :D)


However, I do think that the quantity provided doesn’t justify the price tag of this lotion since you’ll end up using it in about two months or less depending on your usage.

So if you don’t mind splurging on natural skincare for yourself then in my opinion this day lotion is good to be added in your kitty as one pump of it protects from sun damage and gives adequate hydration to your skin on daily basis without causing any irritation or break out.

You can buy this product from any of the Forest Essentials retail outlets across India or online at Forest Essentials or

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